5 Tips to make life less stressful!

Being a full time working woman and mom to a kiddo that is growing up really fast, I don't have the luxury of having lot of spare time on my hands and more so doing the things I really love. But I've learnt the importance of taking it easy and not allow the daily grind to wind me up and exhaust me completely, and believe me it was not at all easy! You see, I'm an aspiring super mommy/ woman albeit with very less strength but gradually my inner self got its due and now I make sure not to push myself beyond limits. I acknowledge when I'm tired. I pamper my body, cheer myself up when I'm teary because in the end I LOVE MYSELF.

My hard learned tips to make life a little less stressful and make your body and soul thank you:

1. Realize that we only have two hands, 24 hours and limited capability so do not try to accomplish every task possible and in the process tax your mind and body. Rather go slow, understand your capabilities and limitations and play them to the maximum to complete your chores, achieve your goals and please those around you J