About Me


Welcome to my blog - my very own space where I discuss things from my everyday life and pour out my heart.

My interests are reading, writing, travelling and cooking/baking.

I was yearning to start a blog from a long time but somehow kept pushing it back. Finally I took the plunge and I am so happy and thankful to the Almighty. Thankful for giving me this beautiful gift of life and rewarding me with a never say die spirit that has helped me sail through all the ups and downs in my life so far.

I strongly believe that life is a blessing to us and we should take care of ourselves with care and love. Life has taught me one important thing - LIVE and LOVE YOURSELF too along with others. After all, don't we all at least deserve this much from ourselves?

Come and join me in this journey where we talk about Health and wellness, Beauty, Books, Travel, Fashion, Food and many more things. My hubby and adorable daughter 'A' will also be a part of this journey and here is a big Hi to all of you from both of them. 

I would love to hear your feedback/views and can be reached at livendloveyourself@gmail.com

Keep living and loving yourself J

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