Book Review - Lady, You're Not a Man! by Apurva Purohit

Being a working woman, I am always on the lookout for good Self help/career related books written by women as they offer insights from our perspective. Somehow all the ones I had read so far were good but a little preachy and I was yearning for something which talks about things in a lighter sense.

I chanced upon the name of this book while reading a career blog (I dont remember the name of the blog, sorry!) and thought maybe this could be the one. Also, it was coming from none other than the CEO of Radio City so I ordered it online along with two other books mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

Book Review - Women and the weight loss tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar

I picked this book just because I was looking for some light reads to combat the stress in my life. And wow, I am so glad about that. I was totally unaware about Rujuta before reading this book as I am not into weight loss or diet things and being a foodie, never think I can be I just believe in eating healthy and in right proportion and this book further strengthened my beliefs.

            Image Courtesy: Google Books

A definite stress buster - taking up an old hobby again!

Books are one's best friends - There is indeed no doubt in this.

There was a time when I used to be an avid reader and could spend hours or rather days holed up in a corner with my favorite book in hand. Book shops used to fascinate me making me feel like Alice in wonderland!

But alas, as time passed by I got caught up with motherhood, full time job and gradually drifted apart from my best companions. But the Bibliophile in me never really died and I yearned to spend some time with them.

Recently, my newly made resolution of making time for myself and doing things which I enjoy made me sit up and browse through online book stores to order some good reads for me. And wow, what a therapy it was!