Book Review - Lady, You're Not a Man! by Apurva Purohit

Being a working woman, I am always on the lookout for good Self help/career related books written by women as they offer insights from our perspective. Somehow all the ones I had read so far were good but a little preachy and I was yearning for something which talks about things in a lighter sense.

I chanced upon the name of this book while reading a career blog (I dont remember the name of the blog, sorry!) and thought maybe this could be the one. Also, it was coming from none other than the CEO of Radio City so I ordered it online along with two other books mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

I started reading the book with minimum expectations and it literally grew on me. It turned out to be the perfect book to de-stress after a long day at work. Apurva has kept the language so lucid and easy going that you don't feel like reading a book at all. It felt like having a conversation with a friend, discussing our woes, getting some important tips and some good laughs J

The book tells the importance of a very crucial fact - accept that you are a woman and structure your life accordingly. Mind you, this is not in a negative way. Rather, this is a very positive aspect which many women tend to downplay and here I completely agree with Apurva. Women are blessed with some great abilities like multitasking, compassion, empathy etc which if played well can result in a very positive way in professional as well as personal life. Also, she reminds us not to take our jobs for granted if we really want to do well and this is again a very important reminder.

She tells in a very light and humorous way how we can manage our professional and personal lives without getting those on our nerves. The book also has a chic-lit flavor with lot of funny phrases like "your male subordinates are wired differently" or "how to train your husbands", LOL!!

There are lot of funny anecdotes throughout the book and they add more flavor to the already delightful content. One of her terms that have stuck with me and makes me chuckle everytime I see someone like that is the "Suffering Sita Syndrome". I won't elaborate much as you must read the book to find out more about this and believe me you will have a good hearty laugh.

Being a working mom, I could identify myself with this book and maybe this is likely to be lapped up more by women like us. But I would also suggest unmarried working women to grab a copy and read this as it contains some great career tips.

Overall, I am very pleased with this book and would totally recommend it.

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