Book Review - Women and the weight loss tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar

I picked this book just because I was looking for some light reads to combat the stress in my life. And wow, I am so glad about that. I was totally unaware about Rujuta before reading this book as I am not into weight loss or diet things and being a foodie, never think I can be I just believe in eating healthy and in right proportion and this book further strengthened my beliefs.

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Coming from a nutritionist, this book is like an inside story of the 'Diet and Fitness' world. Rujuta hits the right chords and lot of times, I found myself nodding in agreement with what she has written. I am a difficult person to please when it comes to health or wellness books and I must say Rujuta scored brownie points from me for her simple yet very pertinent language. She said what I now firmly believe in - Women must think about themselves too apart from caring for everyone else around them.

We have the tendency to neglect ourselves while fulfilling our responsibilities and ultimately land up with loads of problems like obesity, lack of stamina, depression, hormonal imbalances and many more. This book is like a reality check for all of us - live and love yourself!

Also, it tells us to fall in love with ourselves and accept our bodies as they are. Rather than hating and finding flaws in our body, it is a better approach to bring mindfulness to our lifestyle and change our habits sensibly.

I could not stop chuckling at the anecdotes of all the clients Rujuta has shared in the book and the somewhat 'mumbaiya' (dialect spoken typically in Mumbai, India) but cool language entertained me all the more. I looked forward to finishing up my office work, going home and curling up with this book - enjoyed reading every page of it. Total paisa vasool (Value for Money), I must say J

For all of you out there, who are looking for a mindful way of eating and becoming comfortable with your body - you must pick this one. It's funny yet full of knowledge and has changed the dietary habits of my entire family.

Totally recommended!


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